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korn 29-10-2010 13:07:

LS Image E2 OE1.6 rv20101028 DM500HD
LS Image E2 OE1.6 rv20101028 DM500HD


Branch = Experimental (2.8.1)
Distro-Opendreambox (GIT) = OE1.6
Kernel = 2.6.18-7.4

Enigma2 = ]20101021 (mod by Linsat Team)
Plugins = 20101028
Dvb-modules = 20101015
Secondstage 76-r2

Updates since the last public img:


* Translation 20101021
* Satellites.xml 20101018
* CrossEPG Plugin v0.5.2 (SVN 99)
* NFI * Backup v1.4.6

General information:

* LS EXTRA PANEL (access via long press MENU key)
* MODE 'REMOTE Neutrino / Enigma
* OpenVPN (tun module included) can be activated via script
* Smargo enabled in the kernel (pl2303 modules, FTDI-SIO, including usbserial)
* Opkg Extension Manager Online enabled
* Symlink useful already
* Password enabled

List characteristics of img LS:

* Ronaldd for the sources of his "Emumanager" el ' "expert-tuner infobar"
* Lukkino For OpenTV LoadEPG and translation dictionary
* Skaman for CrossEPG
* PLi Team for the indication of the orbital position in the skin for the menu and remote control for the "BitrateViewer"
* AliAbdul for the "Scriptexecuter" for the "CCcaminfo" and the "Number channel in the bouquet"
* Dreg for tuxcom E2
* Reinha@rd for the satellites.xml updated
* Vali for advanced frequency info
* ritZmo and oozoon for PipZap
* Ferbius and Power for the alternative skins

Thx to LS Team


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