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newnigma2-v2.6 DM 800 mod with BL70

This is a discussion on newnigma2-v2.6 DM 800 mod with BL70 within the DM 800HD forums, part of the IMAGES category; Enigma2 2.6: 20.7.2009 * Enigma2 Plugins 2.6: 20.7.2009 * Newnigma2 Plugins: 20.7.2009 * default emu CCcam 2.1.2 DM 800 HD ...

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Παλιά 16-10-2009, 08:08:   #1
Εγγραφή: Jun 2006
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Προεπιλογή newnigma2-v2.6 DM 800 mod with BL70

Enigma2 2.6: 20.7.2009

* Enigma2 Plugins 2.6: 20.7.2009
* Newnigma2 Plugins: 20.7.2009
* default emu CCcam 2.1.2


* dm800 driver: 20.7.2009
* dm800 modified driver for tuner and cardreader included
* dm800 secondstage: 70

News and changelog:

* curlftpfs 0.9.1 added
* openvpn 2.0.9 added
* nzbget 0.6.0 added
* busybox ipv6 support added
* reviced cron install on tmpfs
* projectx: new version
* new source from libdvdcss
* new version vobcopy 1.2.0
* new version libreaddvd 0.9.7
* udev fix rules, udevstart
* DM8000: sysvinit, fix serial port
* DM500plus: now supporting small remote-control
* better hw scaling support
* dreambox-dvb-tools: update to 1.6 to fix showiframe return code
* new lamedbs for DVB-S1 & DVB-S2
* dm8000: any mkv fixed


* NEW SKIN: brushed alu
* dreamtv-HD skin fixed
* kerni-HD skin fixed
* CF Installer update
* DeviceManager update
* Init scripts update
* adding default timer option on remote-timer
* neutrino-half keymap by play video fixed
* spanish language added
* onlineinstaller: it's now possible to install picons to all USB devices without linking to /media/foo
* onlineinstaller: some fixes for stability and security
* menu: path for picons adjustable for each device
* devicemanager: now erasable and new establishing USB devices with more than 1 partition
* devicemanager: limiting swap size for not exceeding device size
* ExtendedInfoBar: fixing bluescreens in a few exceptional cases
* webradio: showing song lyrics
* enhanced image info
* updated and box-unique satellites.xml
* fixed translation errors
* vsftpd: now no /tmp/foo logfile is written because of saving ram
* Only mounted devices now available for picon installations
* Fix hddinfo for udev support
* cfinstaller translation fix
* ConfigSaver: picon install path fixed
* ConfigSaver only translated to germany&english
* new newnigma2 spinners
* Keymanager: replaced key urls with some working ones
* many logos updated and online available
Για οποιον δεν εχει original και θελει να εχει τα καινουρια λογισμικα στον δεκτη του
Ο Γιατρός Σας !!!
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Newnigma2 v3.1.1 korn DM 800HD 0 14-11-2010 17:50:
NabiloBlackHole 011G2 DM 800-BL70-modified Dr.Dream DM 800HD 0 16-10-2009 08:11:
Pli-enigma2 jade3 dm800 with BL70 modified Dr.Dream DM 800HD 0 16-10-2009 08:06:

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