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LS E2 Image dm8000 git 20090911

This is a discussion on LS E2 Image dm8000 git 20090911 within the DM 8000HD forums, part of the IMAGES category; LS E2 Image dm8000 git 20090911 Παράθεση: Experimental Version = 2.6 Distro-opendreambox (GIT) = 1.5 BB_VERSION = 1.6.8 8000 Enigma2 ...

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Παλιά 13-09-2009, 14:15:   #1
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Προεπιλογή LS E2 Image dm8000 git 20090911

LS E2 Image dm8000 git 20090911

Experimental Version = 2.6 Distro-opendreambox (GIT) = 1.5
BB_VERSION = 1.6.8

Enigma2 = 11/09/09 (mod by Linsat Team) NEW
Plugins = 11/09/09 <NEW!>
DRIVERS = 07/09/09 <NEW!>
Secondstage 74-r0 <NEW!>

THESE IMAGES CONTAIN THE MOST DRIVERS 'recently, so Council to make Flash-only, or PEN / CF BUT ONLY USING THE "multiboot thowa." Alternatively you can 'use the "BarryAllen" BUT ONLY IN HAVING A FLASH IMG Secondstage WITH THE SAME AND DRIVERS (or later)

News in brief compared to the LS 20090621:

+ Update drivers (also 7025 fix cardreader! COMING SOON)
+ Translated by Spaeleus updated to 06/09/09
+ Skin Megalight v3.3
Light Skin + HD by power (800-8000)
Skin Infinity + HD by Ferbius (800-8000)
+ Fix dyndns plugin (solved the problems of too many requests to update)

+ New Patches PipZap (by Ritzmar mod by oozoon) (DM7025-dm8000)
with new features:

- Activation PiP with direct zap on it by pressing the "STOP" (8000) (the button is pressed again switches the channel switching to full screen and vice versa)
- Display in the top left of the video when zapping is on PiP
- PiP even when watching a recording (zapping with the keys left / right)
+ New plugin CrossEPG 0.3.1 by Skamanper EPG Integrated Enigma2

Key Features img LS compared to a CVS:

LS Panel Extra (includes Emumanager and Scriptstarter)

Emumanager integrated with separate management softcam / cardserver (NO INSIDE EMU - EMU NO DIRECT DOWNLOAD)

Menu Scriptexecuter (just include new ones in the / usr / script), script already present:
* Delete Backup
* Delete hdd crashlog
* Emu info
* Fees CCcam
* Fees newcs
* Free memory
* Free space
* Grab video
* Hdd temp
* Install Ipk
* Ipk clear
* Module info
* Mountpoints info
* Process
* Remove. Py
Spinner * On / Off
* Creating 32MB swap on hdd / usb / cf
* Deactivate Swap
* Uptime
* OpenVPN On / Off

Remote control mode choice: Neutrino (default) / Puzzle

Directions in advanced skin:
* Orbital position of the channel
* Info active frequency data (including DVB-T and DVB-C)
* Info advanced emu
* Info Advanced encoding
Name * info emu and Cardservice assets (separate)
* Info card response time (ms)
* Video Resolution
* Info if HD channel <NEW!>
Italian as a first language by default

Skin default Eagle.Megalight


Forms Smargo USB Reader included in the kernel (start immediately)

Swap enabled on boot

Additional plugins included by default:

* DirettaGol Interactive v1.2
* F1 Interactive v1.2
* OpenEPG 0.92
* TG24 Interactive 1.2
* CCcaminfo v1.2r3
* MyTubeplayer (dm800-dm8000)
* YouTubeplayer (DM7025)
* MoviePlayer
* MultiRemoteControl (See HERE for instructions) (DM7025-dm800)
* DynDNS <NEW!>
* Tuxcom 1:16
* Moviecut
* Movieretitle
* Videomode
* Videotune
* SatellitesEquipmentControl
* NetworkWizard
* CommonInterfaceAssignment
* StartupToStandby
* TagEditor
* Autoresolution (dm800-dm8000)
* Quickbutton
* EpgSearch <NEW!>
* CrossEpg <NEW!>
* Backup NFI <NEW!>

Major Features images LS:

LS Panel Softcam 1:10

Displaying EPG also Mediaset channels (instead dell'insulso "Visible in analogue and digital terrestrial") on all windows, including WebIf, and skin OSD

Reminder key features advanced LS:

long press (LS):
Menu button -> LS-Softcam setup

Note: The "second function" of all other color keys are managed by the plugin "QUICKBUTTON" user's choice.


Ronaldd for the sources of his "Emumanager" el ' "expert-tuner infobar"
Lukkino for OpenTV LoadEPG and translation dictionary
Skaman for CrossEPG
PLi team for the indication of the orbital position in the skin for the menu and remote control for the "BitrateViewer"
AliAbdul for the "Scriptexecuter" for the "CCcaminfo" and the "Number channel in the bouquet"
Dreg for tuxcom E2
Reinha@rd for the satellites.xml updated
Vali for advanced frequency info
Ritzmar and oozoon for PipZap

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