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Διακοπή της υπηρεσίας LTV στη Nova Cyprus

This is a discussion on Διακοπή της υπηρεσίας LTV στη Nova Cyprus within the ΔΟΡΥΦΟΡΙΚΑ ΝΕΑ forums, part of the ΔΟΡΥΦΟΡΙΚH ΤΗΛΕΟΡΑΣΗ category; H Multichoice Κύπρου έβγαλε την παρακάτω ανακοίνωση προς τους συνδρομητές της Nova Cyprus. "H MultiChoice Κύπρου μετά λύπης πληροφορεί τους ...

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Προεπιλογή Διακοπή της υπηρεσίας LTV στη Nova Cyprus

H Multichoice Κύπρου έβγαλε την παρακάτω ανακοίνωση

προς τους συνδρομητές της Nova Cyprus.

"H MultiChoice Κύπρου μετά λύπης πληροφορεί τους ψηφιακούς συνδρομητές της ότι η Lumiere TV Public Company Ltd (LTV) έχει αποφασίσει να τερματίσει την υπηρεσία της LTV στη Nova Κύπρου. Δεν είναι καθαρό στο παρόν στάδιο εάν το κανάλι της LTV θα επανέλθει στη Nova Κύπρου.

Παρά το ότι οι όλες οι άλλες υπηρεσίες, περιλαμβανομένων των καναλιών Alpha, Filmnet και Supersport – πλέον μια ποικιλία από άλλα εξαιρετικά θεματικά κανάλια παραμένουν ανεπηρέαστα, οι συνδρομητές παρακαλούνται να δείξουν υπομονή καθώς χειριζόμαστε τις διάφορες απορίες τους.

Η MultiChoice παραμένει δεσμευμένη σε όλους τους συνδρομητές της και λυπούμαστε για την ταλαιπωρία που προξενείτε στους συνδρομητές της Nova Κύπρου.

Η MultiChoice θα δώσει περαιτέρω πληροφορίες μόλις η όλη κατάσταση ξεκαθαρίσει"

H επίσημη ανακοίνωση της Lumiere TV

LTV informs its thousands of subscribers that on 7/7/2006 it has terminated the transmission of the

LTV channel from NOVA CYPRUS.

The above termination became imperative as a result of the unreasonable refusal by

MULTICHOICE HELLAS SA, owners of NOVA CYPRUS, to pay to LTV fees due for the months

of April and May. LTV has formally requested payment of these fees - in excess of £500,000 - with

no success with the result that LTV has been forced to cancel the Agreement for the Supply of

Audiovisual Content with MULTICHOICE HELLAS SA.

LTV has demonstrated a continuously responsible presence and ethos within the Cyprus television

scene. LTV has proved that it honours and respects totally the thousands of its subscribers and that it

would have never resorted to the above action had it not first exhausted all logical alternative means.

It is however, illogical for LTV to continue providing at a huge cost its quality programme and

maintain its payment schedules, whilst MULTICHOICE HELLAS SA collects subscriptions without

paying LTV its agreed fees. This financial assault on LTV by MULTICHOICE HELLAS SA is

without precedent and aims to serve its own objectives without taking into consideration the

thousands of LTV subscribers.

For the above reasons LTV asks its subscribers, despite their inconvenience, for their understanding

and support. LTV will very shortly announce plans that will relieve the problem created by

MULTICHOICE HELLAS SA and that will satisfy the thousands of its subscribers that constitute its

drawing force.

Despite the fact that the termination of the transmission of the LTV channel from NOVA CYPRUS

is totally due to MULTICHOICE HELLAS SA, LTV feels obliged to apologise to the thousands of

its subscribers for their inconvenience. Especially since the affected subscribers have already paid

their subscription to MULTICHOICE HELLAS SA and are now inconvenienced as a result of

MULTICHOICE HELLAS SA not paying fees to LTV out of the already collected amounts.

Fully aware of the problem created by the above action of MULTICHOICE HELLAS SA, LTV is

now proceeding to enter into appropriate agreements with other Cypriot companies that operate

platforms of television content distribution in order to distribute the LTV channel via these


LTV subscribers that pay their subscription to MULTICHOICE CYPRUS PUBLIC COMPANY

LTD are not affected by the above termination and will continue to enjoy the LTV channel from

their analogue decoders.

Following the cancellation of the above agreement LTV has instructed its legal advisors in Greece to

file a suit against MULTICHOICE HELLAS SA, for all due amounts exceeding £900,000 that arise

from subscriptions collected by MULTICHOICE HELLAS SA and not paid to LTV, as well as for

damages arising from the above violations by MULTICHOICE HELLAS SA

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