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Διεθνης Κωδικας Q

This is a discussion on Διεθνης Κωδικας Q within the ΡΑΔΙΟΕΡΑΣΙΤΕΧΝΙΚΑ ΝΕΑ forums, part of the ΡΑΔΙΟ ΕΡΑΣΙΤΕΧΝΙΣΜΟΣ category; O παρακατω κωδικας ονομαζετε κωδικας Q είναι διεθνης και χρησιμοποιητε από τους ραδιοερασιτεχνες κατά την διαρκεια της επικοινωνιας τους QRA ...

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Προεπιλογή Διεθνης Κωδικας Q

O παρακατω κωδικας ονομαζετε κωδικας Q είναι διεθνης και χρησιμοποιητε από τους ραδιοερασιτεχνες κατά την διαρκεια της επικοινωνιας τους

QRA What is the name of your stn?

QRB How far are you from my stn?

QRG Will you tell me my freq?

QRH Does my frequency vary?

QRI How is the tone of my transm?

QRK Intelligibility of my frequency?

QRL Are you busy?

QRM Interference?

QRN Any trouble with static?

QRO Shall I increase transm. pwr?

QRP Shall I decrease transm. pwr?

QRQ Shall I send faster?

QRR Ready for automatic operation?

QRS Shall I send slower?

QRT Shall I stop sending?

QRU Have you anything for me?

QRV Are you ready?

QRX When will you call again.?

QRZ Who is calling me?

QSD Is my keying defective?

QSN Did you hear me or (c/s)?

QSO Can you communicate with (c/s)?

QSP Will you relay to (c/s)?

QSR Rpt call on calling frq?

QSS What working freq. will you use?

QSU Shall I send or reply oa this freq?

QSV Shall I send V's on this freq?

QSW Will you send on this freq?

QSX Will you listen to (c/s) on...freq?

QSY Shall I change to...frequency?

QSZ Shall I repeat words or groups?

QTH What is your lat. & long?

QTR What is the correct time?

QTS Send call sign for tuning?

QTV Shall I guard frequency...?

QTX Will you keep your stn open?

QUA Have you news of (c/s)?

QUM May I resume normal working?

QRY What number is my turn?

QSB Are my signals fading?

QSL Can you acknowledge receipt?

Informal Use

QRM Interference from other stns

QRO High power

QRT Close down station

QSB Fading

QSO Radio Contact

QTH Location (eg my QTH Inanam)

QRN Electrical or atmospheric interference

QRP Low power

QRX Stand by

QSL Card to confirm contact

QSY Change frequency

RST Code


R1 Unreadable.

R2 Barely readable, occasional words distinguishable.

R3 Readable with considerable difficulty.

R4 Readable with practically no difficulty.

R5 Perfectly readable.

Signal strength

S1 Faint, signals barely readable

S2 Very weak signals

S3 Weak signals

S4 Fair signals

S5 Fairly good signals

S6 Good signals

S7 Moderately strong signals

S8 Strong signals

S9 Extremely strong signals


Tl Extremely rough hissing note

T2 Very rough ac note, not musical

T3 Rough, low-pitched ac note, mod. music

T4 Rather rough ac note, mod. musical

T5 Musically modulated note

T6 Modulated note, slight trace of whistle

T7 Near dc note, smooth ripple

T8 Good dc note, just a trace of ripple

T9 Purest dc note
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